COVID19: Please follow these guidlines when visitng us!
*one person in store at a time, *sanitize hands before and after,*no resuable bags, *face mask required to talk to us(your choice otherwise),*carry in and out all trash, *IF SOMEONE IS SICK IN YOUR HOUSE OR YOU ARE, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT
About Us

We raise a mixed flock of egg layers and ducks for eggs year round. All our birds are free ranged on pasture and can roam the entite property. We feed them a custom mix grain, fruits and veggies from the food pantry, fodder and cows milk. They have access to fresh water and pools daily. Our eggs can be found in our store for $3 a dozen. By law, all our eggs need to be washed before purchased. Our eggs are not sized or graded do to each breed laying a different size egg

New to July 2020*: We now raise whole cornish meat birds. They are processed by ourselves and sold under the exemption. They are fed a custom mx grain, fodder, milk and have access to fresh water daily. Although we cannot free range them do to predators, they are housed outside where they can enjoy the sunshine whenever they want. Our price for each bird is $3.50/ pound. All birds are frozen