COVID19: Please follow these guidlines when visitng us!
*one person in store at a time, *sanitize hands before and after,*no resuable bags, *face mask required to talk to us(your choice otherwise),*carry in and out all trash, *IF SOMEONE IS SICK IN YOUR HOUSE OR YOU ARE, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT

Whippoorwill Dairy Farm store is located at 78 Stumpfield Rd, Kensington, NH


Whippoorwill Dairy Farm was established on June 1, 2018, owned and operated by Thatcher Furnald and Megan Ferentino. We raise a herd of Holstein cows and sell our milk to Agri-Mark. Our cows live out on pasture mid April till November, where they enjoy their ration and fresh water daily. We raise Angus, Shorthorn, or Hereford crosses with our Holsteins as beef crosses to ensure high quality of beef. Our beef animals spend their lives on pasture, eating grass all summer long and a ration in the winter months. We raise Yorkshire piglets each year and feed them milk from our cows, fruits and vegtables from the local food pantry, and a custom mixed grain as free choice daily. We have several breeds of egg layers that are raised on pasture all day and night. The birds have access to fresh water and milk daily and a custom mixed grain. Our meat birds are housed in an outdoor facility, getting sunlight, fresh water and milk daily, fodder and a custom mixed grain. We use Phoenix Feeds in Vermont for all our grain and milk replacers and each formula is created by our nutrisionist to meet each animals needs